PHWPA held it’s Wall assembly throw down on June 1st, 2016.


Passive House doesn’t tell you HOW to reach it’s energy target it just tells you to hit 4.75 kbtu/per sf per year for heating and cooling. Passive House is performance based standard; it is not prescriptive.


That means there are a variety of paths to achieving the energy targets. A performance based standard unleashes creativity and along with it a whole host of wall-assembly solutions. PHWPA hosted this Wall Assembly Hootenanny where a variety of professionals presented how they met the Passive House criteria in their projects.


Each assembly was different and there was a brief presentation by every presenter and then a round table discussion about the merits and tribulations of each choice. Migration of moisture, cost and ease of assembly were just a few of the topics included the discussion.


A big thanks to our presenters and guests that attended.


Follow this link for a PDF of the different wall constructions presented.


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